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From basic wills to complex trust planning, Stroup Meengs, P.C. has helped clients in Petoskey and throughout Northern Michigan protect their families and their assets.

The estate planning attorneys at Stroup Meengs P.C. will help you arrange for the transfer of your property and assets in the most cost-effective and efficient manner while also considering your family dynamics, the nature and amount of your assets, applicable transfer and other potentially applicable taxes.  

The specific documents depend on the client’s family, assets, goals and individual considerations. Generally, there are lifetime documents (such as financial powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney, which benefit the client and their family during the client’s lifetime) and dispositive documents expressing the client’s wishes on death (such as wills, trusts, assignments, deeds of gift).

Do I need an Estate Plan?

The answer is YES!

Everyone should have a will regardless of your income or assets. 

Stroup Meengs P.C. is unique in northern Michigan in having three attorneys dedicated to estate planning so there is always a trusted advisor to assist you and your family with your estate plan or administration. Bill Meengs Jr., Jane Nelson and Claire Forster work with their clients to put the right estate plan in place and to title assets and name beneficiaries so that the documents ‘work’. Our goal is to educate our clients and help them decide what is the best option for their family. Our decades of experience in Estate Planning will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected from unforeseen events.

We are compassionate when it comes to family and are "service minded" and meet elderly and ill clients at their residence or other convenient location. We also coordinate with your other professional advisors, such as your financial planner and accountant, to ensure you have the best possible advice.



Your family's future is in your hands, we will guide you along the way.
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"Peace of mind is what I hear most from my clients upon completing their estate planning. The hardest part is picking up the phone and calling us to get started."
Petoskey Estate Planning Attorney,  William Meengs Jr.
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